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"Elizabeth" is an Ontario based Organization that provides End Of Life Care support and services to those dealing with Homelessness, Financial Hardship and other situations that make life difficult.

The "Why" behind Elizabeth is based around the lack of End Of Life Care for those in neglected communities and the unaffordability within the space. Elizabeth is so proud to be partnered with amazing humans and companies that share their expertise and services for FREE to this journey.

Our Heart Partners are


Canada’s favourite do-it-yourself online will platform breaks down the estate planning process into simple steps, so you can create your last will and testament and power of attorney documents in 20 minutes or less. Willful documents are approved by lawyers in your province so you will enjoy peace of mind knowing your estate plan is legally-secure.


When a loved one dies, dealing with the next steps can be overwhelming and stressful. Cadence is designed to help you navigate the process and tackle estate settlement tasks.

Our software will analyze your unique situation and give you personalized, step-by-step guidance for the road ahead. Cadence speeds up paperwork and helps you stay organized, so you can focus on what matters most.

If you want to talk to an expert, our Certified Executor Advisors are available to answer questions, make referrals and help with hard-to-do tasks.

Record your life events, so that future generations can see and hear all of the really important moments in your own words. Our Timelines app enables you to create YOUR or your loved ones life story of all your special meaningful moments in chronological order, using rich multimedia, including; audio, images, letters and videos..

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